Dieter Leupold


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Homepage of DF9NP JN58LU DOK: B15

Welcome to DF9NP`s HAM PLL Webside !

I am QRV on 2m , 70cm and 23cm focused on DX and weak signal.


TS711E or TS780 for 2m
TS780 for 70cm
FT290R and homemade converter for 23cm
Preamplifiers all homemade with Low Noise and very high IMD
PA 2m GRT21 with 400W
PA 70cm homemade with 200W
PA 23cm homemade with 35W
10El Yaebeam for 2m
19El F9FT for 70cm
23El F9FT for 23cm

Working and Measuring Area

Network Analyzer HP8756A with
Sweep oscillator HP8350B 0,01 to 8,4GHz
Spectrum Analyzer R&S FSQ26 20Hz to 26GHz
Power Meter HP435A and HP436A
with Power Sensor HP8481A and HP8481H

Frequency Counter Systron Donnor 4246B 0,01 to 26,5GHz
Eaton 7320 Noise Monitor with Noise Source HP346B
Function Generator HP3325A
ID El. 10MHz GPS Frequency Normal